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Wild Ride To Freedom

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Born in 1969 in Kirksville, Missouri to a Cherokee mother and an Iranian father, Darius Radmanesh spent the first nine years of his life like any other precocious boy growing up in small town America. In 1978, Darius's father moved the family to Iran where their lives were forever changed by the Islamic Revolt of 1979. Raised as a Christian, Darius and his family endured appalling incidents inflicted by the Iranian government while dodging attacks from Iraqi bomber raids. At the age of sixteen, Darius was yanked off the street by members of the Iranian Islamic Guard (Hezbolah) and sent to the front lines to fight. With the assistance of an Iranian Major, Darius was able to elude his subjugators and escape into the mountains where he found refuge amongst the Qashqai nomads. Darius eventually linked up with the U.S. State Department and was smuggled out of Iran through the Persian Gulf, and on to Dubai and the American Consulate. From there, Darius returned to his American homeland, the boy now a war-wearied man. Darius is committed to raising awareness regarding the imminent global-threat posed by the corrupt, Iranian regime and the plight of the Iranian people.

Self, Reason, And Freedom

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Freedom and its internal relation to reason is fundamental to Descartes' philosophy in general, and to hisMeditations on First Philosophy in particular. Without freedom his entire enquiry would not get off the ground, and without understanding the rĂ´le of freedom in his work, we could not understand what motivates key parts of his metaphysics. Yet, not only is freedom a relatively overlooked element, but its internal relation to reason has gone unnoticed by most studies of his philosophy.

Self, Reason, and Freedom: A New Light on Descartes' Metaphysics, by defending freedom's internal relation to reason, sheds new light on Descartes' metaphysics and restores the often dismissedFourth Meditation to the core of his metaphysics as he conceived it. Implicit in that relation is a rejection of any authority external to reason. Andrea Christofidou shows how this lends strength and explanatory force to Descartes' enquiry, and reveals his conception of the unity of the self and of its place in the world.

Self, Reason, and Freedom: A New Light on Descartes' Metaphysics is essential reading for students and scholars of Descartes and anyone studying seventeenth-century philosophy.


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