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The Impact Of Globalisation On Employment Relations : A Comparison Of The Automobile And Banking Industries

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Although no one disputes that employment relations worldwide have been greatly affected by globalisation, no clear consensus has emerged on the nature and significance of this impact. The seven contributions to this symposium pursue a comparative approach, suggesting that direct analysis of employment relations in distinct industries in two comparably-sized economies since the advent of globalisation leads to a more precise understanding of the interaction of globalisation and employment relations, and sets a pattern for other studies to follow.The economies studied in the symposium are Australia and Korea, and the industries are automobile (and auto parts) manufacturing and retail banking. In both countries, labour unions play a key role in the way in which employers and governments react to political and economic pressures.Among the particular topics discussed by the contributors are the following: effects of the 1997 financial crisis in Korea; the extent to which the automobile industry in one country (Korea) depends on parts and raw material from another country (Australia); cross-border cooperation between unions; the growing trend toward enterprise bargaining; conciliation and arbitration of industrial disputes; and the role of government-sponsored industrial relations commissions. The contributing authors are all industrial relations authorities in Australia or Korea. The in-depth analysis they offer in these very specific areas will be of value to labour lawyers and industrial relations scholars everywhere for the light it sheds on this crucial aspect of contemporary social and economic development.

A Simple Explanation Of Modern Banking Customs

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This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.

The Legal And Regulatory Aspects Of Islamic Banking

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During the last ten years the Islamic banking sector has grown rapidly, at an international level, as well as in individual jurisdictions including the UK. Islamic finance differs quite substantially from conventional banking, using very different mechanisms, and operating according to a different theory as it is based on Islamic Sharia law, but at the same time it is always subject to the law of the particular financial market in which it operates. This book takes a much-needed and comprehensive look at the legal and regulatory aspects which affect Islamic finance law, and examines the current UK and international banking regulatory frameworks which impact on this sector.

The book examines the historical genesis of Islamic banking, looking at how it has developed in Muslim countries before going on to consider the development of Islamic banking in the UK and the legal position of Islamic banks within English law. The book explores company, contract, and tax law and traces the impact it has had on the development of Islamic banking in the UK, before going on to argue that the current legal and regulatory framework which affects the Islamic banking sector has often had a negative impact on Islamic banking in the UK.


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