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Competition And Efficiency In A Unified European Banking Market

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This book presents the results of several years of research on competition, concentration, efficiency and performance in the European banking market. The author seeks to explain and interrelate the numerous characteristics of the banking industry, and provide a detailed comparative analysis of various banking sectors throughout Europe. The book begins with a survey on intermediation, integration and internationalization in the European banking market, which helps to explain the increased competitive pressures banks are now operating under. The author then examines indicators of concentration and competition, and attempts to measure these using a variety of approaches in both EU and non-EU countries. Significantly, he also presents a unique comparison of efficiency throughout the EU by estimating X-inefficiency and cost level differences. The book concludes with an investigation into cyclical patterns of profits, provisions and lending in order to assess the procyclicality of bank behavior in light of the new Basel Capital Accord.

Acquisition Of Shares In A Foreign Country : Substantive Law And Legal Opinions - Report Of The Subcommittee On Legal Opinions Of The Committee On Banking Law Of The Section Of Business Law Of The International Bar Association And The Committee On Business Organizations Of The Section On Business Law Of The International Bar Association

RRP $949.99

This new book contains a detailed analysis of the legal requirements in connection with the issuance and transfer of shares in a foreign country. The book discusses issues such as the mechanics of transfer, foreign stock ownership, registration and notification requirements, good faith acquisition of shares, transfer restrictions and lost or stolen shares under the laws of twenty-eight different countries. In addition, the book proposes - for each jurisdiction model - legal opinion language (and appropriate legal opinion backup) which counsel to the purchaser should request in order to protect his client. The book is a valuable tool for anyone who purchases a company or a stake in a company in a foreign country. Reports from the following countries are included: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, S. Africa, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Hong Kong, Scotland, U.S.A., Venezuela.

Managerial Issues In Finance And Banking

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This book discusses competitive issues related to globalization, financial system and institutions from a managerial perspective. Contributions in this volume cover competitive strategies, risk management, controlling and custom finance in Finance & Banking. The novelty of the book is in demonstrating the innovative solutions to managerial issues in the global financial system. The contributions in this volume are peer-reviewed by the Society for the Study of Business and Finance?.


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